Our 10-Step Carpet Cleaning Method

The first thing we’ll do is a thorough walk-through of your home. During that time, we’ll flag trouble spots and discuss with you how to remove stains and choose an optimal cleaning package.
When we’ve finished the walk-through and are ready to begin cleaning, we’ll use an industrial-strength vacuum with a powerful brush so that we can loosen and remove dirt and other objects from the base of the pile. Almost three-fourths of dry soils can be removed this way, and this will improve the results of our hot water extraction extraction method. When sand or pet residues are present in your home, we’ll use a counter-rotating brush to pull up those soils. This will help avoid a bad smell after hot water extraction is performed.

As part of the cleaning process, we provide a team of two men so that we’re able to lift furniture and take it out of the way instead of dragging it which can cause damage. For furniture other than basic pieces, we’ll clean around those items.

We use a prep-spray application to the carpet to help loosen soils. In addition, we’ll apply a deodorizer and stain removers to improve results. Each stain will be treated using the most appropriate stain products.

Before we begin treatment, we’ll use the counter-rotating brush vacuum to loosen more soils and ensure that the pre-spray application is primed and reaches each fiber.
If additional treatment is needed for stains, we’ll perform that before going on.
Once we’re finished with stain treatments, we’ll use dry encapsulation or hot water extraction with a high-tech machine to pull out soils from the deepest part of your carpet. These processes will also remove dust mites and other allergens.
When the cleaning is completed, we’ll put any moved furniture back in place utilizing plastic sheets and foam blocks to help protect both the carpet and the furniture itself.
To complete the process, we’ll take the time to reset your carpet’s pile using grooming techniques. This will help speed up the drying process and give your carpet a fresh new look. We’ll use powerful air movers during this time to help the carpet dry more quickly. The drying time itself varies depending on factors such as humidity and air temperature.
An optional protector may be applied to the carpet for further benefit. The protectors we utilize are not Scotchgard but a new, environmentally friendly solution that repels spills and protects against dirt and other soils by covering fibers with a specialized barrier.

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